About Us

There are 10 active prayer groups in MOC, Doha. These groups are classified and grouped based on the geographical location. All the respective prayer groups meet monthly once in the church and worship god almighty after the Friday evening Holy Qurbana.

St. Peters (Ward 6) & St. Andrews (Ward 9) meet every 1st Friday at 7:30 PM

St. James (Ward 3), St. Simon (Ward 4) & St. Johns (Ward 8) meet every 2nd Friday at 7:30 PM

St. Philipose (Ward 1) & St. Bartholomew (Ward 7) meet every 3rd Friday at 7:30 PM

St. Mattias (Ward 2), St. Jude (Ward 5) & St. Mathews (Ward 10) meet every 4th Friday at 7:30 PM

There will be a joint prayer of all prayer groups on the 5th Friday of a month.