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A Smart World full of Smart People with Smart Phones: Fr. Santosh Varghese  

Indeed, it is a Smart World full of Smart people with Smart Phones. An invention of mankind that has penetrated every aspect of human life; the wise among the human race have used technology for the ministry of Christ.


Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It gives me great pleasure to proclaim that the Malankara Orthodox Church Doha Qatar takes the path of the wise and endeavor to harnessing the social media for the ministry of Christ in the planet of phones.

The Clergy and the Management Committee of MOC takes the first step of launching a mobile application which will be close to your heart or cupped in the white of your palms and accompany you with every step you take towards the spiritual growth and enrichment.

We believe that this application will provide you a wealth of information at the flip of a finger and we list just a few.

  1. Access to data on the members of the parish.
  2. To get notifications and updates on the activities at MOC Doha.
  3. To communicate instantly in the event of any emergencies.
  4. Access to various events of the Holy Church and the Parish
  5. An opportunity to enrich knowledge on orthodox faith and practices through inputs from various resources

We trust and believe that this Mobile Application will only Glorify His Holy Name and be a catalyst that will strengthen the bonding and unity of the members of the Malankara Orthodox Church Doha.

It is a long cherished dream that has taken shape and I thank the Lord Almighty for inspiring the management committee for making this dream come true.

Give it a try by downloading the “MOC APP” and embark on the journey of a progressive Church.

Best Wishes

Your servant in Christ

Fr. Santosh Varghese